Sunday, April 25, 2010

I managed to push ahead quite a bit this Saturday. Here are two videos – one down and one back. It shows everything from the beginning town of Dead Man’s Run to the last ¾ of Tornado Flats. It’s about where I left off with the first build of the track I made – but this one works. :)

**for better looking versions of these videos, here are links to wmv versions around 90mb each:
First Video (down)
Second Video (back)

(youtube videos removed to make way for better versions)

Some notes:

-    I built fences, houses and power lines out to the top of the s-curves in the last quarter of Tornado Flats (as the video shows), but that’s about it.
-    Worked on a ton of terrain.
-    Tons of track tweaking to get the feel right – still a work in progress.
-    I’m leaving the detail for last, so it’s going to look barren for awhile. No grass, no texture blending on the terrain, only some smaller road signs, chunky terrain in the distance, no trees, only a couple rocks… it goes on and on.

I’ll probably give another update before the weekends done – must. sleep. now.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Some slow weeks

I managed to get a little more done over the weekend, but not enough to give a grand update. Work has been stressing me enough that i tend to either work on the weekends or spend them doing things that don't remind me of work.

I think it'll chill out enough in the next couple of weeks that i should be able to get back to the track. My intent is to finish the track before the end of the year when my BTB license expires and i need to renew it. The creator of BTB has been on a hiatus lately and it sounds like renewing a license can be some trouble. So - i'd goddamn better get the track done in the next 6 months or so.