Sunday, April 25, 2010

I managed to push ahead quite a bit this Saturday. Here are two videos – one down and one back. It shows everything from the beginning town of Dead Man’s Run to the last ¾ of Tornado Flats. It’s about where I left off with the first build of the track I made – but this one works. :)

**for better looking versions of these videos, here are links to wmv versions around 90mb each:
First Video (down)
Second Video (back)

(youtube videos removed to make way for better versions)

Some notes:

-    I built fences, houses and power lines out to the top of the s-curves in the last quarter of Tornado Flats (as the video shows), but that’s about it.
-    Worked on a ton of terrain.
-    Tons of track tweaking to get the feel right – still a work in progress.
-    I’m leaving the detail for last, so it’s going to look barren for awhile. No grass, no texture blending on the terrain, only some smaller road signs, chunky terrain in the distance, no trees, only a couple rocks… it goes on and on.

I’ll probably give another update before the weekends done – must. sleep. now.


  1. Looking good. You're certainly getting further with this then I ever did with BAGP.

    Cant wait to take a few of the HGT&TC cars around the track.

  2. Hey NotLaw! That's right! I remember you talking about BAGP on one of the old message boards (MCOMOD?) - Well i know your pain. Track building is a fuck-ton of work with a mountain of headache inducing complications. I've had to back off from this one a couple times just for sanity's sake.

    I think i'm finally getting to where i'm competent enough with the track builder and my methods to actually finish this one off. My hope is that i'll do so with enough momentum to start into Gas Town next. We'll see.

    You still modeling cars? You were cranking out some killer stuff last i saw.

  3. Oh yeah, I'm still cranking the cars out. I've been working with the Historic GT & Touring cars team for some time now (
    Unfortunately, my latest work is still under wraps, but the next release should have some... interesting.. surprises if things go as planned hehe
    If ya ever need any help with trackside models let me know...
    Good luck with the track. :)

  4. It's funny, i was going to warn against doing any modeling for rFactor due to the dds plugin crap that i've never gotten to work for 3DS Max - but - it looks like the mod you're working on is one for rFactor and you've already conquered that issue. Hah!

    To be honest, i'd love to give the whole track a proper MCO styled model/texture workover, but it'd be way too much work. There are a couple key models that would be awesome to get in the game, but they're pretty simple and probably something i could do in sketchup. But then again, maybe not.

    If i run into anything that i absolutely need, but can't come up with otherwise, i might just hit you up.

    Thanks for the offer man! And it's awesome that you're working on those old GT cars now. I picked up GT Legends awhile back to see if i could port the track over to it, but it came with Starforce protection on it, so i decided to not even install it. Is that a game you drop the cars into or is it strictly rFactor?

  5. No, I don't do any work with GTL, as you said, the Starforce protection keeps me away from it. So yeah, all my cars are strictly rFactor
    the HGT&TC mod has all the GTL cars though, and the physics on all of them are much more realistic for the era then GTL cars.
    My personal favorite of the cars in HGT&TC v1.0 is the Falcon... its sooo slideable hehe