Monday, March 15, 2010

Chugging along

Didn't get too much done this week, but i did manage to put in about 8 hours overall. I'm half way through Tornado Flats with fences and houses and about a 3rd of the way done with the terrain. I've got some road-width issues that will take some time to iron out, but i should be able to get it done by next weekend. In fact, if i can get the Flats done in a non-detailed way during the next week, i'll feel fairly accomplished.

I can see moving a lot faster once i'm past these areas that i've already built once before in the first version of the track. The Flats are pretty boring to build and the sense of repetition has it feeling like quite the grind. Thankfully it'll only be another week or two and i'll be on to virgin territory. :)

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