Sunday, March 21, 2010

One polygon at a time...

I didn't manage to extend the track out any further this weekend, instead, i adjusted - readjusted, did some more adjusting, etc - to the the track, track width and the surrounding terrain for the first half of the Flats. For whatever reason, it just wasn't feeling right and i had to do some serious tweaking.

Changing the track width isn't such a big deal, but using the 'handlebars' on track nodes once you've already got the terrain laid out causes some real trouble. The terrain doesn't adjust to any track tweaking when adjusting the nodes and you end up having to pull the terrain around to adjust it to the track changes. That wouldn't be so tough if it weren't for subtle hills and areas where it isn't just a matter of pulling a section of terrain one way or the other, but carefully adjusting each intersection to make sure it matches the curvature of the track.

But whatever, i conquered that asshole and i'm back to pushing forward in the evenings to come. Weeee! Seriously though, i'm pumped to start into the Hicky's Ridge town. I might break off just before i get into the town and make a "Dead Man's Flats" loop, but i haven't decided on that yet. I'm nervous about adding too much detail before getting all the terrain laid out. If i detail out what i've got thus far and it kills performance during the meaty track and terrain tweaking i have to do for the rest of the track, i'll be pissed.

So yea, not sure what i'll do at that point, but i'm not far off now.

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