Sunday, June 6, 2010

1st playable version of Dead Man's Loop

So i've finally put together enough of this beast to get something raceable. The track is a slight modification of Dead Man's Run and Tornado flats. It's not pretty, but you can at least get a feel for the track, set times and race other people. I've also put together a reverse version of it so if you get tired of running it forward, you can load up the reverse version.

I've made a video of it that you can view on the right side of this page if you're just wondering what it looks like. It's kind of a scratchy YouTube video, but you can see what's up. It might be a little confusing at first because it starts off on a section of the track that's nowhere on the original Skoggit track. Give it about 15 seconds and you'll know right where it's at.

And if you want to download the track - click the download link at the top of the page to download the track.
Unzip it to C:\Program Files\rFactor\GameData\Locations
The zip is about 89mb, but it unzips to about 218mb. It contains both forward and reverse versions.

I feel like i can't express this enough - it's an ugly-ass alpha version. There's very little detail around the track once you get outside of town. By which i mean:

 - Very few trees
 - No texture blending on the terrain
 - No grass or bushes
 - Limited objects - just fences, light poles and a few signs are to be found outside of town.
 - Weird terrain edges off in the distance
 - Ugly splices in the few areas where different roads intersect with the main track
 - No barriers around the track - you can basically go anywhere once you get around the fences and there's a good chance you'll get stuck doing it. Stay on the track and you won't end up getting annoyed and needing to restart.
 - The AI are retarded. They work and can race laps, but not in any competitive fashion.
 - The Start/Finish lines aren't extremely clear, but you'll get the feel for it.

The point in me putting this out is so that people can see how it's coming along and have some fun racing a big chunk of Skoggit. I'll polish up this version in the weeks to come and put a new one out that has all the pretty stuff included. Once that's done, i'll start building out the Hickey's Ridge portion and post the occasional update on where i'm at. It's going to be a long haul before i'm completely finished with the entire track, but in the meantime, this should provide at least a little fun. :)

I should also point you to: MCOMOD for rFactor
If you don't already have all the MCO cars, you should go get em. It's the only right way to be racing on this track. ;)


  1. I didn't get a chance to run laps but I did load it up with AI and watched them go around. Really, really awesome!! Looks really great Sub!

    I just got fios so I need to learn how to use their router(port forwarding). I'm hoping to figure it out this week and maybe get together this weekend at some point to run a few laps with anybody wanting to join me. I'll post details over at The home of MCO Mod.

    Thanks very much Sub for bringing back our long lost MCO Tracks!!!!

  2. Cool! Someone actually tried it out! ;)

    Despite the lack of detail around the track, i've been having a blast racing the AI. I mean, they suck and don't make for much competition, but they're fun to dodge around at high speed. I drop between 20 and 30 of em on the reverse version of the track and then see what kind of times i can get over a Race Weekend. I've managed a 2:06 in a Cobra tweaked just right - totally fun.

    I'll be around the board this weekend if you manage to get a server up. I'd love to actually race other people on it. :)