Monday, June 14, 2010

Starting in on the trees

I raced a ton of laps tonight on Dead Man's Loop with the guys over at MCOMOD and maaaaaan was it some fun! Bob hooked me up with a decent setup and i was getting times as low as 1:56 on both directions of the track - thanks Bob! And many thanks to Ralph for getting the server up and running. I didn't notice any lag and i never got randomly dropped - seems like a pretty good setup. Good times!

Once we were done, i got an itch to open the track editor and start detailing stuff. Since the whole garage/pit area was still needing some structural work, i decided to start there with fixing up the terrain and working on the general look of everything. I planted trees, grass and dropped some rocks around. I also started covering the garages in bricks. I'm going to put some MCO tribute posters on the inside walls of the garage for people to look at when they first start up, but just put a blog banner on the side of the garage for now. Anyway, the detailing begins. Here are some screenshots from the track builder:


  1. Had a blast this past weekend Sub, looking forward to our next session!

    The new screenshots look fantasic!!

  2. That was some fun! Hopefully we can pull it together again this Saturday.

    I've spent the last few hours working on the garage and starting area some more. I'm turning the whole garage into a brick structure with lights sticking off the front. It looks a lot better than the current green thing. Hopefully i'll have a new raceable version by this weekend with the whole 'tie-in' area detailed out, but it's hard to say.

    I'm at least excited to get some races in again. Filling in some times on the league racing page could be some fun too. :)

  3. hi there im not sure if im even allowed to be doing this but if im not dreaming i think what i am reading is that some people are or have been rqcing on mco ... listen i used to have the game ... i litterally cryed when the took it away ... is there anythning i can do to maybe play again ???? email me at