Tuesday, February 16, 2010


While i was dropping models around town today, i realized i had a light pole that actually emitted light (imagine that). So here are some shots of the first part of town at night with more objects and some different cars on display. And speaking of the cars - much thanks to the MCO MOD for rFactor guys for pulling them into the game. Nothing sets off a Motor City track like some Motor City cars!


  1. I just realized that the top screenshot and the bottom two might confuse some people. They're from behind the traditional starting line. Since i'm making Skoggit a complete loop, there will be a whole section of track to race on that was never there before.

  2. Those red/white barriers make it great!
    Great work man!

  3. Hey thanks! And now that you mention it, i realize i've got those barriers featured in all 4 screenshots. Uhh... yay for barriers!