Saturday, February 27, 2010

Starting into the turn-around

I guess it's just a turn around if i'm making Dead Man's Run out of it, but i'm not. So it's really just a sharp turn that starts the track into Tornado Flats. :P

I would have gotten quite a bit further into this if my wife and i hadn't caught the worst stomach flu ever. I had something like this when i was a kid, but it was nowhere near as bad. The amount of time i can spend looking at a glowing computer screen has been minimal due to a non-stop headache and waves of exhaustion. I'm finally feeling a little better today, but the headache has just kicked into full gear and i've got to get away from this damn thing. In the meantime, here's what will soon get a terrain work-over and become the 'turn-around'.


  1. Hey Sub hope you and your wife are feeling better!

  2. Doing much better - thanks Ralph! I still don't have all of my appetite back, but it's getting there. At least the wine is going down all right... ;)