Sunday, February 14, 2010

Getting a little done over the Valentine's Day weekend

My wife and i have traveled to Portland to laze about, buy books, records and be carefree for awhile. During the train ride down i managed to build just the terrain leading out of the first town on Skoggit. I still need to build fences, put in signs/poles, do some texture blending on the terrain and add foliage, but the most important part is done -track and terrain.

Here are some screenshots out of rFactor:


  1. WOW!!! Hi Sub, very nice work!!

  2. Hey thanks Ralph! I'll be detailing out the streets and dropping some fences outside of town on the train ride home today. I've actually got electrical poles i can string together around town now - weeee!


  3. HEYA sub nice work bro and i miss some of those races we used to run! thanks for keeping mco alive MCOhideaway

  4. Ah thanks guys, it's great to see you comin around!