Thursday, February 25, 2010

Got it loaded in RBR

I figured out that custom tracks in Richard Burns Rally can only be played via the RX plugin. So if i go to Options/Plugins and select RBR_RX, i can load the track.

The down-side being - my car spawned under the track and i won the race the same time i started it. So there's some work to do.

I read elsewhere that people have to run their tracks through 3DS Max to get them properly working in RBR. Hopefully that isn't the case, but i don't really know. I suppose i'll be finding out someday soon.

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  1. After digging through some forums, i discovered why people were saying they still needed 3DS Max to get tracks into RBR. If i just export my track to the RX plugin (the only option in BTB), they'll work fine, but the RX mod only supports single player racing. If i want them to work with the RSRBR_2010 mod (which allows multiplayer and is the community standard), then i'll need to make the track behave like the normal tracks in RBR do. That will involve running it through some fairly annoying crap in 3DS Max. Or so i hear.

    I may still mess around with exporting this to the RBR RX mod, but i'm not so interested in wrangling with 3DS Max just yet. Maybe some day.